We are working to build one strong education union with all those who work in education. If you’re in the building, you’re in the union.

Join us

Unify is composed of associations of the NASUWT, NEU , UCU or school and college groups which affiliate and any individuals who become patrons, honorary patrons or associate members.
To achieve a single union for all education professionals and thereafter to explore the possibility of widening that union to embrace all workers in education.

Who we are

Join us and become one of the people who are working towards unifying those in education under one union to bring about strength to provide the best conditions and opportunities for educators and those they educate.

What we do

Unify has the aim of building a movement that shapes the future of education.

Come and visit the Unify stall at the 2022 NEU conference.

Select the link below to open the leaflet, which provides the minutes for the 2021 Unify Annual General Meeting.